DDB NY Launches Site to Show How Things Should Have Been Designed #CouldHaveBeenBetter

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As a creative, you see things every day that could have been done better. DDB New York has launched a pet-project site, CouldHaveBeenBetter.com, that challenges you to redesign those objects/communications/whatever and submit your improved take on them.



“Could have been better.”

We say it every day.
It’s the reason most of us got into this industry in the first place.
We saw something, and wanted to make it better.
This site celebrates creations born of critique.
Some are by us, others by colleagues and friends.
It’s a reminder to ourselves to question everything.
Then make it better.

Seen something that #CouldHaveBeenBetter?
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If I see another cross logo I am going to barf. Come on people be original and stop ripping others off. You know who you are.

It's not really a ripoff, just a really played-out design cliche: http://yourlogoisnothardcore.tumblr.com/

The logo is obviously a deliberate joke. Meaning, it too, could have been better. That's why it has an arrow pointing at it.

I doubt the book would have sold as well if the cover was like that, or at least less people would have dared read it in public.

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