Target's new "Everyday Collection" spots are strange.

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Looks like Target is launching into the supermarket space with their "Everyday Collection" - basically groceries. But the way they're doing it is pretty strange. Target has done weird before - but it's usually fun-weird, not goofy-weird.

We can't decide whether we like this new campaign or not. we're leaning toward not.


Wow, I'm am not a fan of those at all.

these are cool, fun= what's not to like
maybe "the everyday collection" is a little obscure, but who cares

"What baby wants, baby gets."
Made me giggle.

These are brilliant, individually and collectively.

Matador-ing packaged beef is brilliant?

Target: Makin' meat sexy!

Damn, now we gotta get horny to buy cake mix?? Seems to me we are as shallow as the statistics indicate in academic performance when compared to global ratings. I bet we rank pretty high when it comes to decadence. Maybe we should be more focused on getting smarter and stronger than just "getting off". Just what exactly does this message send to a 16 year old watching primetime TV (especially one who gets the visual connotations of the shooting powder and liquids into the air) around the sensual model? Y'all get real and understand that as powerful as sex is in the bedroom, it needs to stay there. Kinda loses some of the magic when we constantly get de-sensitized to the experience when we are bombarded with it in all forms of media, all the time.

As scary as shopping at Target.

I am confused by the previous comment. How is this "sex" related in anyway, shape or form. "Sexy" yes "sex" no . The explosions are based off of peoples infatuation with Super-Slo-mo objects exploding. Google it there are entire series of videos of this sort of thing.

The "Target" (get it) audience I feel will directly relate to these. Overall they are wonderfully done and they "sell" the product without "selling" the product. Not to mention slow-mo exploding things are always cool

My vote YES, and please gimme more, like maybe a male focused version. Like daddy getting Diapers or Picking up the Dog food !!

I think it's great! All these "high fashion" commercials that are aimed at those with more to spend are getting out of hand, (I'm talking about all those perfume/cologne ads and various designer lines) So I think it's fantastic that they are using the same style to promote food and other items everyone of al classes uses everyday. No need to save the cool graphics for something most people will not buy.

Its clearly a spoof poking fun at high fashion......
Everyone in the states gets so offended with advertising. If
you dont like it turn off your TV put your iphone away and
stay at home.

It's a commercial. To catch your eye. Make you look and think about it. It has done its job and now you will remember Target. That is the whole idea.

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