Confused what the Hell Facebook Graph Search is?

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We got ya covered.


Looks a lot like a Microsoft Browser commercial...
and yes, I am still confused!

as a side note,
can we please have an end to the overly emotional epic theme music in promos? Please? get over yourselves.

I'm no programmer, but it seems to me like unless it can decipher pictures on its own (i.e. dancing, 1995), then it still has to rely on users to provide complete information about everything they do. We all know they don't do that, so I expect search results to be very limited.

AND you used to be able to do most of this stuff anyway (~2007) just by using advanced search or clicking on info in your own profile to find friends that match! 6 years later they finally come back around to being just barely more useful. Good way to spend your time Mark.

Seems like a way to make friends with people who are already your friends.

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