Do Not Work for Free

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A little meandering, but definitely a topic worth a rant.


F*ck You Pay Me...

It's about time someone said what we're all thinking! I'm really surprised at how wound up this video got me because I think anyone in the creative field can relate and understand everything he is saying. The only thing I'll add to what he has said is that more often then not, the reason people are asking for things for free or don't think they should pay you is because they aren't educated enough to know how valuable your work and time really is.

Plastic surgeons and even engineers have portfolios of work. Yet no one asks people in these fields to work for free. Why? Because they have demonstrated their value in what they do and therefore clients trust them and ultimately, pay them. Let your clients know that you aren't a commodity but a highly trained and experienced professional like a doctor or a mechanic is. Let them know and prove your value by showing them the work you've done in the past or with testimonials from previous clients if available.

There are still and will always be people out there that want your stuff for free. This will always be a part of our industry no matter what we do to fix it. However, by showing you're more experienced and able to deliver better results than their 12 year nephew with a pirated copy of Photoshop, we can change people's perspectives of our value and in the end be compensated for our services.

Big time kudos to Stephen Silver for leading the charge on this.

- Kevin

Had the opportunity to see this presentation live, nice addendum to the discussion…

Love this!!!!

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