Banksy Arrested In London, Identity Revealed

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“We had a 24-hour Anti-Graffiti Task Force monitoring different groups known to have associated with Banksy. We received word that around 2am a group of individuals left a flat speculated to be one of Banky’s art studios. This group was followed by agents and once vandalism had occurred, we then arrested the group, 5 men total. These individuals all had ID on them except for one, and that is the one we believed to be Banksy,” Leppard said. “We then raided the studio where this group was last seen leaving from. Inside we found thousands of dollars of counterfeit money along with future projects of vandalism. We also found a passport and ID of a Paul William Horner who matched the description of the man that we are currently holding.” Leppard continued, “Horner is currently being held without bail on charges of vandalism, conspiracy, racketeering and counterfeiting. We are also holding the other four individuals whose names we are not releasing at this time.”

Stories like this have surfaced before. Please say it ain't so.

UPDATE: Buzzfeed's saying it was a hoax. The press release has been removed from it's original spot after being cited as a fake. Gotta wonder if he's behind it, testing the speed at which news can mushroom.


So you just tweeted this even though it's fake, cool

Tweeted, then updated the post with the latest info that was revealed. Apologies.

Hipsters everywhere are now crying...

OH KNOES! oh wait, you just got trolled, better turn in your mustache!

Wouldn't it make sense to edit this headline, considering it is a fake?

Musta been Banksy...

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