• New Editorial: The Story of Develop Denver >>

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    As creative people, ideas rattle around in our minds all the time. Most of the time, we let them go, without pursuit, to make room for the next set of thoughts that roll in. Drew Dahlman got an idea that he couldn't let go. As the third year of Develop Denver nears, he tells the story of the event's creation — and the good things that have come of it. Read If You Build it They Will Come: Growing the Idea of Develop Denver into a Community.

  • Netflix Gets Under Your Skin

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    These are fun. Agency: DDB Canada, Vancouver.

  • Boulder's Sir Richard's Offers Health Insurance Supplement to Hobby Lobby Staff

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    Riding the latest developments around Hobby Lobby arguing that it can refuse to provide employees contraceptive services in health plans, Sir Richard’s is offering free condoms to any Hobby Lobby employee who requests them. The campaign was created by advertising agency TDA_Boulder.

    Committed to the idea that employees’ birth control choices are not their employers’ business, Sir Richard’s has posted on its Facebook page, “We believe everyone has the right to enjoy mind-blowing, safe sex. So... we are offering a free box of condoms to any Hobby Lobby employees who want them. Just message us on Facebook with your name and address and we'll send you a free box of Sir Richard’s.”

    The offer will be supported by paid/promoted posts on Facebook and LinkedIn. It went live on Friday July 11, a.k.a. “World Population Day.”

    AD: Austin O’Connor
    CW: Dan Colburn
    ECD: Jonathan Schoenberg

  • Fall Into the Perfect Bed with IKEA

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    This dreamy spot, shot by Juan Cabral and set thousands of feet above a city, tells the story of a woman's dream as she moves from one uncomfortable bed to another until she eventually finds the perfect bed — the bed that she wakes up in at home each morning. It's from IKEA, of course.

  • The Most Serious You'll Ever See Denver Comic Ben Roy

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    Working Comic is a series of interviews with working comics from all over the United States. In the first Episode, they talk with Denver comedian Ben Roy. Ben discusses falling in love with comedy, getting on stage for the first time and when he knew it was time to make the jump to a full time working comic. It's a serious look at the funny business. Respect to all those who do this successfully for a living. Shot by Ben Semisch.

  • Meet Old Spice's New Spokesman: Tactless Robot Man Who Has No Problem Attracting Ladies

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    No matter how dumb you are, you can still get women. That sorta sum this up? A new level of weird. But what'd you expect?

  • Smokin' Smart: A Guide to Colorado's Pot Rules

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    Westword made this informative video to help you understand the confusing rules around marijuana use in Colorado. Luckily, it's illuminating. Because it's a little tough to watch.

  • The Whole World Gives a Tip of the Hat to Jeter Upon His Final Run

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    The Captain is retiring.

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