• You Should Know About James Balog

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    Photographer James Balog simply doesn’t miss. His career has literally taken him to the ends of the earth to capture images that can only be described as breathtaking.

    During his tenure, James has shot for magazines you might have heard of, including Time, National Geographic, National Geographic Adventure, Audubon, New Yorker, Life, Vanity Fair, Stern, Smithsonian and Outside. He’s also just been named Outstanding Photographer of the Year for 2008 by the North American Nature Photographers Association. Can you believe he’s living and working right here among us?

    Denver, please welcome James Balog, our newest addition to The Denver Egotist’s flourishing list of Recommended Talent.

  • Store Perpetually Reopens

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    Most stores change their window displays regularly. GrandOpening, located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, completely reinvents its entire operation every three months. This winter, the 350-square-foot space housed an exhibit for a proposed eco-community a two-hour drive west of New York. Currently, GrandOpening is a ping-pong parlour, tapping into that sport’s growing popularity. The site’s lone table rents for USD 18 per hour. A webcam lets neighbourhood residents see if it’s free. The barebones room can also host private parties and tournaments.

    Here’s how they define themselves:
    GrandOpening is a store.
    GrandOpening isn’t afraid to change its face.
    GrandOpening will have many “Grand Openings”.
    GrandOpening will engage and entertain the community.
    GrandOpening could be yours for a month, or two, or three.
    GrandOpening might be different the next time you come by.

    Read more at Springwise.

  • Sleeping Bag Body Suit

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    Pretty cool sleeping bag you can wear called the Lippi Selk All In One. Perfect if you plan on wandering through freezing environments looking for somewhere warm to stay. (Via Random Good Stuff.)

  • Hiding An Airplane Factory

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    During WWII, the Army Corps of Engineers needed to hide the Lockheed Burbank Aircraft plant to protect it from a Japanese air attack. They covered it with camouflage netting and tromp l’ oeil to make it look like a rural subdivision from the air. Before and after shots below and more amazing photos here. (Via Eat Liver.)

  • Escher’s Relativity Built of Legos

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    In case you were considering building it, Andrew Lipson has beat you to the punch.

  • Forgive Us

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    Sorry if you’re feeling over Bogusky-ed by us recently, but we ran across another interview with him from the people at VCU Adcenter.

    Seems like he’s constantly defending CB+P’s choice to move off the beaten path to Boulder in the interviews we’ve seen over the last couple weeks. We’d like to see him shift to saying “it’s a very laid back place with a lot of underground rumblings that might soon put it on the national stage.” Stop defending it and embrace it.

    Here’s CB+P’s reel from VCU Adcenter if you care to be reminded. And if you’ve never been to the school’s site, they have a pretty amazing archive of interviews from famous ad legends to comb through.

  • Gary Taxali Toronto Opening

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    Huge Gary Taxali show opening this Thursday at the Magic Pony in Toronto. And when we say huge, we mean 60-frickin’-new-pieces huge. Get a peak at the goods here if Canada isn’t in your travel plans this week.

  • Robert Reynolds’ Spirit Car

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    Part of a recent group show at Phantom Galleries LA where the theme was works inspired by the love/hate relationship Angelenos have to their automobiles as well as the advanced degree to which auto-based social structures affect every aspect of life in LA, this piece made of steel wire and cellophane tape particularly caught our eye. For more on the show, check out White Hot Magazine.

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