• Britney Bombs

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    Did you see Britney Spears on the MTV VMA’s last night? Just retire already. The video isn’t on YouTube yet, but you can catch a clip here.

    Also, Perez Hilton has a pretty rowdy rant about the whole thing followed by a whopping 3,300+ comments about it already this morning. Here’s how it begins:

    Dear Britney,

    Fuck you!

    FUCK YOU!!!!!!!

    We are insulted, offended and disgusted by your “performance” at the VMAs.

    Are you fucking serious???

    What you did was disrespectful to your few remaining fans. And it was disrespectful to MTV!

    You didn’t even try!!!!!

    You should have just canceled, bitch.

  • whoa nice photo

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    Eric Darnell, the most respected man in Boomeranging, is interviewed by Popular Mechanics. A pretty fascinating read, really, (the article also has a larger version of the photo below.)

  • The most beautiful book in the world

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    Sheila Hicks. Weaving as Metaphor

    Published by Yale University Press and designed by Irma Boom from the Netherlands. 416 pages printed on 150 gsm Munken Print White set in Platin and the copy text changes in size through out the entire book.

    At the bookfair in Leipzig it got the title “Schönste Bücher aus aller Welt” or “The most beautiful book in the world”. For more photos, click the image below.

  • DrumPants

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    If you wanna make your own pair, here’s how.

  • Photographer John Johnston

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    In the spirit of telling it like it is for those who submit to our site, John Johnston definitely has a handful of good work in his book – especially in the ‘special projects’ and ‘scenes’ sections of his site. We’re luke warm on the rest of it though. Again, to us this seems like a case of trying to be the shooter for every client and every occasion instead of choosing a style, truly perfecting it and weeding out the rest of the stragglers. Feel free to judge for yourself and let us know if you see it differently.

  • 3D Painted Rooms

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    Problem is, you have to be standing in exactly the right spot for them to register. Still pretty amazing though. (See more on 2Loop.)

  • Tauba Auerbac

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    Ran across these and thought they was really stunning. The artist’s site is pretty wacky and worth a visit.

  • AdScam

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    You ever read George Parker’s blog AdScam? Pretty raw old codger laying it down the way we like.

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