• FirstBank Suggests (Inferior) Alternatives to Mobile – Via TDA_Boulder

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    What happens in Vegas... gets hashtagged to a pigeon’s leg? So it might, in an alternate universe — one without mobile phones — depicted by FirstBank in its latest mobile banking advertising. The campaign, created by TDA_Boulder, is a small “three-off” corollary to the bank’s ongoing “ease-of-use” messaging, and is intended to present mobile banking as “fun.”

    Or at least, relatively fun. Or at least, more fun than trying to play Angry Birds with live animals and a Rube Goldberg-like catapult contraption. Or more fun than catching up with your friends’ Facebook doings via days-old newsprint. Those, along with the pre-Twitter carrier pigeon, are the visuals, each one titled “Some things are more fun on your phone,” in the OOH campaign appearing this summer on 11’ x 7’, backlit “spectaculars” at the Denver International Airport.

  • Church of Type

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    Quite the character. We're going for a visit next time we're out that way.

  • Screw Flashmobs, BMW Creates the World's First Driftmob

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    Mic Rogers (“The Fast and the Furious”) directed the video, which features five BMW M235i Coupes taking to the Cape Town streets to create the world’s first flashmob with drifting cars. Inevitably, they strictly control crowds around it, but it'd be very cool to see this madness in person.

  • Your Two Loves, Biking and Beer, Finally Come Together in Belgium

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    With promotion like this, the event's gotta be a hoot. Agency: Brancozulu, São Paulo.

  • Denver's Dynamite Laser Beam Does the Sound Design for AMC's "Hell on Wheels"

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    Returning August 2nd, "Hell on Wheels" will enter its fourth season on AMC. Dynamite Laser Beam did the sound design for this season's animated promo. Yeeha!

  • David Duchovny As a Russian

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    This one's a little tough to put your finger on. But that's part of its magic.

  • 'Still a Skateboarder': A New Short from Boulder's Buck Ross Productions

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    Glen Charnoski's philosophical take on skating — who, at 47 years old, is just as much a skateboarder today as he was at 12. Great storytelling. Produced by: Buck Ross.

    Director/DP: Ryan Ross
    Red Tech: Van Wompler
    Sound Record: Matt Corliss
    Sound Mix: Jason McDaniel
    Color: Eric Anolin/Crosspoint
    Music: SOHN "Lessons" & Lo-Fang "Look Away"

  • CP+B See Great Futures in the Boys and Girls Clubs of America

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    Every day at 3pm, when school’s out, millions of America’s kids have nowhere to go and nothing to do. That’s millions of kids out in the world, left to their own devices. And that’s a very real problem. So with their latest ad campaign from CP+B LA, the Boys and Girls Clubs will own 3pm, sounding an alarm across America that it’s time to donate and get our kids to a Boys and Girls Club. Messaging will resound across the television waves, radio waves, and all of America, turning the 3 o’clock school bell into an alarm bell. No longer will 3pm come and go unnoticed, because 3pm is now the most crucial time of the day. And it’s the time to support the Boys and Girls Clubs.

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