The King Has Spoken, Mother NY Takes Over Duties on Burger King

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After an abysmal run by mcgarrybowen, Mother New York is now lead agency for Burger King in North America. To kick off their new relationship, they've launched three new spots — highlighting Burger King's re-entry into the breakfast mindset and showcasing two new offerings: freshly brewed Arabica coffee and the Gouda Bacon Sandwich. Set within the walls of the Burger King home, its restaurant, we learn about the new breakfast items while meeting a soon-to-be recurring cast of characters (a blue puppet!) joining the familiar cast of employees — including affable patriarch of the Burger King family John the Manager. With Mother in charge, we've definitely got some hope things are going to turn around.


Usually a huge fan of anything Mother makes, but this has client committee all over it. Not a fan of this thus far. The characters are flat and the humor is safe.



And Burger King proves, once again, that clients get the work they deserve.

Affable patriarch?

Blue puppet!?

Is Mother's PR arm submitting their own copy to the Egotist?

The intro copy on to this post is horribly slighting McGarry. Burger King gets what they deserve. Mother is next on the chopping block.

Happy to update it if you can show us a single example of them shining on the account over the last year. Until then...

has anything mother done in the past year been a shining example of creative work? mother IS abysmal.

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