Agency Replaces Client Site With Message Calling Them Souless Dicks After Refusing to Pay

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It's what every company who has ever been stiffed on payment wants to do. And Frank Jonen finally did it. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Go enjoy this now before it gets pulled.

UPDATE 1: Fitness SF disputes Frank Jonen's claims, telling Adweek in a screaming phone call Thursday that Jonen was paid and is now trying to blackmail the company and extort more money from them.

UPDATE 2: Fitness SF gave this statement to Adweek on Friday:

"On Wednesday evening, our domain name Fitness SF was hacked and stolen by an individual named Frank Jonen. Frank was hired on May 16th, 2012 to develop a functional website for our brand. A $5,000 payment was made to him on the same date. In his proposal, he stated that the website would take 10 weeks to complete. He missed numerous deadlines including our brand launch in September. In December, he voluntarily passed the incomplete and non functioning website to our new design firm.

Now, Frank is attempting to portray himself as the victim when truly the victim is Fitness SF as he attempts to get paid for work he did not complete and has decided that blackmail is the way to accomplish that."

Wow, lawyers are definitely being hired.


Hey Crispin Porter, you guys should read this RIGHT AWAY!

oh man their walls are getting hammered. awesome.

Here's a response from Fitness SF Oakland on facebook.

Frank Jonen has hacked the Fitness SF website & is demanding money. He is not an ad agency, he is 1 man living in his parents attic in Germany. He is attempting to blackmail the company!
Fitness SF/Oakland
Fitness Center · Oakland, California turns up more links as a search vs a direct URL, as the home page seems to go nowhere.

Searching for him on the Wayback Machine does show legit website activity back into 2003/2004. So, if he is a sam artist, he's been working on this for a while. And if he's not, he's just committed career suicide.*/

First Post-

are you saying you haven't been paid by CPB? neither. Like 18 months late.

It's strange that the logo he "designed" doesn't appear on any of the facebook or twitter pages.

The response @LittleRavenPix posted from their (now removed) Facebook page
"He is not an ad agency, he is 1 man living in his parents attic in Germany."
Just seems to support, not debunk, Frank's claims.
"We’re a small company in the heart of Europe, which is probably why Fitness SF believes they can sit this out till we perish."

Agreed. It's all way too well written and thought-out to be some guy looking to blackmail money out of them.

Welp, looks like Fitness SF's Facebook pages are now gone.

As a freelancer who has been stiffed out over $20,000, this guy is my HERO!

Vail Resorts did the same thing to my company, knowingly screwed me out of over $20,000 of work. Truly an awful client.

Good on him for standing up to them. He deserves to be paid. Just because he's a one-man operation, doesn't mean his clients should have a free pass to screw him over instead of paying him for the work he does for them.

Oh, and to FitnessSF: Instead of making snarky comments about the guy, publish copies of the contract, his invoices and your payments...if you paid him like you claim.

Crispin will go months and months and sometimes even over a year to 18 months without paying some of their smaller vendors.

This practice should be illegal and there should be some kind of protection for smaller shops.

I've been screwed a couple of times myself. I'm not going to name names, though.

Denver High Def
Adrift Tiki Bar

I had a big company try to bully me around once because they didn't pay up. Against all advice, I threatened to sue. Once their lawyers told them they would lose, they had to settle for more than what they owed. Many small shops and freelancers are too timid to challenge larger companies because they are afraid to lose business by rocking the boat. I say screw that...

If any shop took that long to pay -- be it yo granma print co or CPB, I would have lawyers involved well before six months. It is absolutely freakin ridiculous that for creatives/vendors delivering quality product on-time is a must, while for those that hire us, they can feel all lackadaisical and pay when they want. Don't think so pal. If you take a year to pay me, I dont care how big your company or rep is.... you are a turd of a client and never worth working with again. So, yeah sue the crap out of them.

Oh... and always, always, always have a contract

Adrift screwed me too. Not naming names though...

the domain can be easily "unhacked" if anyone with half a brain decided to help fitnessSF out. apparently, the company has no friends....

I would pay to have someone hack into the website of the company that stiffed me out of nearly $7000 using the usual excuse of 'we're a startup, we can't pay'.

This story is as if every word of Mike Monteiro's F*uck You. Pay Me. was turned into a play and then released on the Internet.

As far as fixing the hack goes. He actually transferred the clients domain name (from their paid in full account) to a different registrar and locked it down. You would be surprised how hard this is to fix. Since his transfer was "legal" as he had their password true ownership is being questioned. Frank Jonen was paid half up front and after missing every deadline the company set over a period of 8 months including their corporate launch he was let go. He delivered nothing and is by no means the victim here. I suspect they paid him anyway as the domain now directs to the .net. Everyone here at the gym is bummed and their is no one else with a similar story. These are good guys, by no means a big corporation, who have been taken advantage of by a spiteful and incompetent developer.

On whatever day, 2013, our domain name, was used by an unpaid individual named Frank Jonen to expose our company as cheap and dickish.

Frank was hired on May 16th, 2012 to develop a functional website for our brand. We only paid him a meager $5,000 for endless hours of original design and programming. We also blamed him for missed deadlines that were our fault.

Now, we are now attempting to portray ourselves as victims when truly the victim is Frank Jonen as we seriously don't understand what grammar, and run-on sentences, are while trying to desperately deflect blame towards anyone else except ourselves, like you know dude? Yes.

We call this "blackmail". You're welcome.

Is judging their customers also by lifestyle and nationality?
"He is not an ad agency, he is 1 man living in his parents attic in Germany." >> F*uck You. Pay Me

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