Personal Genetics Company Wants to Show You How You're Going to Die

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How would you live differently if you understood your DNA on an intimate level, as well as the effects of what you found there on your future health? Intrigued? Scared shitless? Well, 23andMe — the leading personal genetics company — now offers a Personal Genome Service available for purchase online for just $99 via a DNA Kit. Arnoldnyc has launched a campaign to introduce the idea to the world.

The campaign, titled 'Portraits of Health,' focuses on educating people about how understanding their DNA can help them make more informed and proactive health decisions. It targets individuals who seek to know what we've never been able to know before in order to be able to develop a personalized plan to proactively prevent health issues — so that they can live a longer, healthier life.

In addition to hundreds of personalized reports about an individual’s genetic risk factors for various health conditions, 23andMe also provides reports on how a person’s DNA influences their response to certain medications and their physical traits as well as information about their genetic ancestry.

The future's here. Get in on it.


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