Heartfelt Artist Project Exchanges Homeless Cardboard Signs for Freshly Painted Ones

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Love this project, Signs for the Homeless. from artists Kenji Nakayama and Christopher Hope — in which they give homeless people a well-designed sign in exchange for a short interview on how they ended up on the street. The power of good design at its finest.


Love this!

The signs were more effective before.

The signs look really nice. But lets be honest. If I see someone that is holding that sign, they immediately look more able, creative and skillful. I think to myself. Hmmm, they must have a place to go and paint, and already have money to buy suplies. I am not likely to help this person.

I like the guy that stands by the Shell station in the Highlands that holds a sign saying "saving for a hooker". Sometimes he switches it out with one that reads "bet you cant hit me with a quarter".

That is the creativity that makes me want to help them out. haha is that wrong? Maybe.

Hate this project. More of the "artists using the homeless as human billboards for themselves" type project. I don't see these resulting in more money.

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