Stage 32 - a new social network for film, television, and theatre creatives

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Not that anyone needs another social network, but this one might be of interest to many of you out there. Stage 32 is a social network for film, television, and theatre creatives - and anyone in these industries know how important networking is. So this could really come in handy.



Truly appreciate the coverage of Stage 32.

If I could add some color - We've been called Facebook meets LinkedIn for film, television, and theater creatives. I think that's a pretty fair assessment and one that I certainly embrace. Although I think it's also worth mentioning that we have fewer pictures of cats and no spam (thanks to a Zero Spam Policy).

In our short 16 months or so, over 115,000 creatives from 185 countries have joined Stage 32 (for free). Tens of thousands have found work and representation, launched projects, secured funding, or simply made a life and career altering connection.

The community, in my humble opinion, is the most talented, friendly, and selfless on the web.

Once again, I thank you for shining your spotlight on us.

Warm Regards,

Richard Botto
Stage 32

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