Of Course They Should Have a Bow Tie-Shaped Can, They're the 'King of Beers'

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The bow tie can — which mirrors the shape of Budweiser's logo — "has been under development since 2010, with significant investments required at both the can-making and packaging facilities around the country. Making the can itself is a 16-step process, 10 being required to shape the lower half and then an additional 6 to finish off the top half."

Anybody else think Bud has their priorities jumbled? Invest in the beer, not the can, man. (Although the ease in which this bad boy can be crushed against a forehead is probably extremely high, which may be the market they're seeking.)


More crushable, YES. But totally agree that the money should be put into the actual product more that the container. You can only laugh since this is such a 'Merican beer owned by the Dutch and you know how people feel about that: "There's only two things I can't stand in this world. Those who are intolerant of other people's cultures... and the Dutch."

One could argue that MillerCoors' investments into innovative (gimmicky) package design is one of the reasons behind the growth of their brands, particularly the Coors Light and Miller Lite brands.

Of course, the difference is they assert that the packaging improves the drinking experience. Not sure how Bud's new can makes drinking the beer easier or enhances freshness or product quality.

I think they have their priorities straight, MILLIONS of people love this stuff even though it tastes like rat piss. (OK, I'm guessing about that comparison, I don't even like to smell it).

I hate Coke too, but they were wrong to mess with what works. This is just more goofy marketing stuff that people will eat up, like a few years ago when they did the AmeriCAN (looked like a flag)

This is what you do when your product is basically shit. Bow tie cans, blue color bars to tell you it's cold (Coors Light) and vortex bottles for super fast drinking (Miller lite).

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