#Couchella: A Music Festival Just For You, Internet

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LA creatives, Julie Matheny, Scott Blew and Ivan Cash, came up with a genius idea all music lovers can get behind. In four days, Couchella will live-stream original curated music from the internet. Between now and then, artists can submit videos and listeners can nominate bands. On April 23, we all get a small, tasty slice of what the internet music scene has to offer.


i am so mixed on this. because at first you think, wow, great idea. then you think, no - someone said Couchella, a simple wordplay on Coachella, and someone else was like, - hey yeah, that would be funny - Couchella! and then they decided to make it.

Let the name bug you, but not the concept. This will be a great way to find new music.

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