Your Wife Will Hate Everything About This Car, Which is Exactly Why You'll Love It

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We've never seen a car ad that more accurately nails a male's sentiment in the car-buying process. Agency: Happiness Brussels.

White trash beauty from Amsterdam Ad Blog on Vimeo.



Get paid WU LYF!

It sure must suck being in a shitty marriage.

mother fuckers are getting sued.

This is how we want to portray men? As selfish, brash idiots? Other commercials are focusing on women as the new breadwinners and the glue of a household, and our choice in advertising is to continually portray men as the dumb oafs of society? Classy.


I appreciate where you're coming from but think your criticism is off the mark. I don't see it being a negative portrayal of men as selfish, brash idiots. Instead, it brilliantly gets to the heart of what every car guy feels, or expects they would feel, when they buck "what's right" to get the car that they really, really want.

Agreed. It's not a big middle finger from men to their wives. It shows that there are just some things about cars that only car lovers understand.

For instance, most people think peeling out and burning rubber is moronic. But if you're a car guy? There's something inherently cool about it.

^ Yes.

I hear what you guys are saying, but I AM a car guy and industrial designer, and this just doesn't speak to me at all. Apparently I just need to be a little more "bro," or perhaps just 17. Sharing this with my coworkers, I couldn't find a single fan and their comments were the same as mine. I know that's not a hugely diverse sample, but it at least shows that in a group of mechanically-minded people, this is pretty hit-or-miss.

I get it, but I think it takes the reaction to an extreme that nobody would want, really.

FWIW, I think this ad has the same strategy, but MUCH more appealing:

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