Minimalist NFL Logos by Matt McInerney

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Designer Matt McInerney thinks the NFL's teams new a rebrand. So, he's intermittently designing and rolling out a new minimalist NFL logo for each team. What do you think, is he advancing the cause? Things certainly feel more consistent.




I like the dolphins logo, but no Bronco logo?

IMO, these are more iconic. Simple icons. Not really a strong logo that could go with a franchise's brand. It wouldn't work overall. The Raiders and Viking's proposed logos? Their far too "cartoony" and simplistic. It looks like something from Lego Ninjago or something. Just a wild guess, I don't think most Raiders fans would be down with that.

That said, they're designed very nicely. Nice use of negative space in many of them. But I just don't think it'd fly with the general public.

Nice looking work. But each team needs its own identity. I don't think this style lends itself to that.

I think they are rad, nice job

Why do all the teams logos need to be consistent?

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