Coldplay's Tribute to Adam Yauch at the Hollywood Bowl Last Night

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Best thing they've ever done?


"best thing they've ever done?" ... no.

If Coldplay wanted to honor the Beastie Boys then they would stop making their shitty elevator music.

Well, the bar was set pretty low, wasn't it?

I'm sure Nickleback's version of Brass Monkey would be the best thing they've ever done, too.

At least he put his own spin on it. It's not bad for the Coldplay genre. Best thing... probably not.. but listenable.


Roll over in your grave music

Diversity is a beautiful thing, but takes a turn for the worse when those chim in on actions, issues or music when there is no need...

I bet you are the kind of people that would say "Go Fuck Yourself" if someone's kid made you a birthday card.

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