No Way You're Manly Enough to Drink Jägermeister

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Jägermeister is a strong drink for strong men, with strong bonds. In the brand's first-ever commercial for the US, Jägermeister has brought together seven of said strong men at the top of their respective crafts to form the ultimate bond — with a shot of the green devil. Around the table you see an All-Pro Fearless Wide Receiver, Rock Icon, World Champion Boxing Trainer, NASCAR Pit Crew Chief, Famed Street and Tattoo Artist, Big Wave Surfer, and five-time World Champion Bullfighter Rob Smets' — as he too has accomplished greatness and earned his seat at The Table.

Who do you not see seated at the table? A 290-pound Cool Water Cologne-Wearing Guido who was sadly throwing up in the corner during the shoot. Agency: Mistress.


This is the stupidest fucking commercial on TV. Whoever OK'd this shit should feel free to go suck a bag full of dicks.

Who is 'THEY', the OKers in the clouds in the sky?

PLEASE! We've owned a bar for 40 years. And the Jager swilling douchenozzles routinely get thrown out. They all talk a a big game. But, I have personally witnessed a 5"2" 100 pound waitress beat the shit out of a Jager-fag! Fuck Jagermeister....

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