Ice T's Got Advice for Advertisers

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Great advice now try to convince your next stick-in-the-mud client of this principle...

I'll give up ice T, Beer, Wine, Juice, and Coffee..., but I will not give up that healthy looking kids arm for DH on that advertisement web banner you got going on here!

Stick in the mud clients are great. They don't go anywhere and are therefor less competition it is always the same, but you sound like a weasel sayles sandwich talker.

The point is the climax.

Says the man on his fucking gazillionth season of Law & Order. How about you say fuck it and do something that's not so safe, like you used to?

I was gonna watch this...but "Fuck It".

I can see why he says that. I ignore most all rad of it possible. I would say it kills like a son of a bitch. Literally!

I think he said fuck it when he signed up for "who's the man"

"but you sound like a weasel sayles sandwich talker"

I'm not sure what this means but I do like sandwiches.

I meant: if you did anything for a gazillionth time wouldn't you want it to be making love to your beautiful other.

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