What Do You Think of Michael Bierut's New Grand Central Logo?

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Launched yesterday, Michael Bierut and the Pentagram team's logo features the famous Tiffany clock from the main concourse — which displays 7:13 or 19:13 — the year in which the station opened. The clock was drawn by Joe Marianek and the word “Terminal” has been dropped as is the custom among native New Yorkers. The official rededictaion ceremony will take place on February 1, 2013 and for 12 months the words “100 Years” will sit under the logo. Did they do justice to this important American landmark?



Looks awesome. Great work from Bierut as always!

the clock is off-center from the typography.

Really boring. No visual dynamic between the cartoonish clock and the extremely standardized type. There are so many stunning visuals in the terminal that could have been utilized to make a really gorgeous and memorable logo. My guess is that this logo will disappear after the anniversary. Very disappointing.

Not much.

I think if I could kern out Gotham and make a little vector clock for lots of money I would ride that shit all the way to the bank yo!

Jack them fools! Jack them fools!

are you sure this isn't from that hipster logo post last week?

Does not embody the classic and historical nature of the physical piece itself. Fail.

This is great.

This melts my heart.

they should have set the clock to 7:20 not 7:13

This is boring. why is this up?

The better Q: Why did this attract so many posters? Best use of NotCot and continuing upstanding quality of design standards.

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