DDB Worldwide Threatens Cannes Boycott in 2013

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The DDB Worldwide creative chief has accused some Cannes 2012 jurors of bias — claiming that judges of certain global holding groups had been ordered to vote for work from their respective groups.

In the video interview he says the integrity of Cannes was at stake and suggested that DDB Worldwide would boycott Cannes next year if an investigation of this year's jury decisions was not undertaken by the Cannes organizers.

As this year ends, the trouble begins. For more insight on it, read Steffan Postaer's take here.




Thanks for releasing this. Important, good stuff. I linked it to a post I wrote.

Wow. I'm gonna have to read that again later, as I do not have a personal attachment or standpoint related to it directly. It did make me think of why I am conscious to practice what I have more credential than most at, and the responsibility that contains and is, and why I have been tortured by other peoples work in industry for my life running by what they put in their work as peers or as other individuals too competive and corrupt for power. That is creatively wrong, putting people in danger and hurting or harming them, psychology and it use is a choice, which I have experienced all of, and do not take amusingly or very lightly when it is apparently abused.:)

Thanks, Steffan. Linked back to you in our post.

An Angency should make their own festival, not overhaul others, if this is their dominate disposition.

A bit strange, but he must be a good guy since he smokes, drinks wine and Keith says, " He is the last Mad Men. Does he "protest too much"?

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