Game of Thrones Sticks Ex-President Bush's Severed Head on a Spike

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Someone in the props department at HBO's Game of Thrones has likely had their own melon removed after it's been uncovered that the show featured the severed head of former President George W. Bush on a spike in an episode from last year. The recent DVD release of the episode points it out to viewers who may have missed its original airing through audio commentary by the show's producers. HBO is premiering a documentary on Bush's father, former President George H.W. Bush, this week — so the timing's pretty bad for the beheading to surface. Wonder what the reaction would have been if it were the current president's head up there?


It'd be racist if they did Obama's. Just sayin'

I believe the full story was that it was just a random head, but that they made a joke about it being George Bush in the commentary.

Yeah that's how i heard it too - plus why would someone catch shit for this? It's done all the time and it's not like HBO has to be politically neutral for any reason. I say go nuts.

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