BBDO SF continues it's great work for the SF SPCA.

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BBDO SF has been doing some great work for a great cure - the SF SPCA. Now they're out with an anti-puppy mill PSA that's visually very cool and has a message hopefully we all take to heart.

San Francisco SPCA from Jullien Brothers on Vimeo.


There shouldn't be an apostrophe in "it's" in the headline for this post.

Your so useful - we should hire you?

I assume you are being cheeky by using "your" instead of "you're," Chester Cheetah. I was just trying to be helpful. Is it my fault that I was cursed at birth by a haggard Gypsy woman to be compulsively anal-retentive?


Yeah. The apostrophe is making me nuts, too. I saw one on a billboard at 6th and Kalamath with the wrong use of the possessive its as well. Here's the thing, Ccheetah - we work in a business founded on art and words. The number of copywriters working today who don't know there from their and its from it's is appalling. It's the death of the King's English.

Yeah. They are fucking morons who clearly don't know grammar!!!

Or, you know, it could just be an oversight.

Calm down folks.

Perhaps you are the one who needs to calm down a bit, Anon. In an attempt to be helpful, I simply pointed out that there was -- and still is -- a typo in the headline. That's all. I wasn't being snarky or insulting or condescending. I try to do a good turn and you and Ccheetah get your knickers all in a twist. Go figure.

OK, daddy, I will...!

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