The Will Ferrell Super Bowl spot you never saw.

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Because it only aired in one small city in Nebraska. Classic.


Wow. Wish they would have replaced one of the Adriana Lima ads with this.

That was actually good.

The Will Ferrell spot I still haven't seen, since the link has been changed to private.

FU private video.

It had a drawn twizzler red lip image in the beginning that looked like a four year old drew it. Then Will coming towards you walking slowmo for the majority of the secondage in a corn wheat field, and at the very last second before rashly clipped off he was thrown a can he spewed open to sip.

It was thrilling! It was better than the lost cat dorritos commercial that that graphic designer got paid a mill for, and hopefully not more from YouTube.

The world has reached a point of no return!

Only in Nebraska. Suspiciously from a small town of a road outside of Carney.

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