A Day At Hannover Airport

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A multiple exposure shot of planes leaving Hannover Airport by Ho-Yeol Ryu.



Beautiful composite, but it neither happened in a day nor all at Hannover Airport.


anyone has the discernment to real and fake.

That's Digital Art's schtick. Whether it is to just be visually appealing and the quality to blow up and print, emit a emotion/response, or to open the source of the think box.

Ho-Yeol Ryu vernisage at the Connie Dietzschold Gallery suggests so.


I'm all about creative license, just fix the title to say

A Day At Hannover Airport?

You have a point, but there is a paradox in that titles are creative in themselves in description. Knowing the signature style and viewing this period of his collective suggests a cultural background of realization that the title might not be literal and the point might not be just to be decptive.

it is obvious there could be better name description

It could be the writer of the posts error? Or a lose of translation over the Internet and just from a quik assessment or assumption?

Let it go, people. And go drink a frickin cocktail.

For the most part, knowing what is accurate, credible, and accredited sourcing online is basic gut.

As to taking action to change a source is choosing a battle to lobby and proceed with the appropriate correspondence.

Isn't it simply supposed to inspire you? Doesn't matter how it was made, it gives me one million ideas and for that, I love it.

Wow, that is an awesome picture. It must have taken some time to create that. I don't think all of those airplanes really took off from the Hanover Airport but regardless, it is really cool.



There is so much that people can do worldwide with photography and software and creating a photo that shows thousands of planes taking off at once is really awesome.

The title is conceptual. It's not a literal idea. It makes you think - see, you did?

The only way you could have arrived with this real representation of this event in all accuracy would be through making a continuos composite loop of stills frame of a time-lapse video surveillance.

Digital graphic design does impose images. Ho is a digital artist with suggestive images that obviously aren't real. I enjoy this picture with the rest of his gallery showing.

It would look great as a print blown up to wall size.

Breaking up the composite with collage.

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