Obey The Giant: A Narrative Drama About Shepard Fairey

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Shepard Fairey gave an RISD student named Julian Marshall the rights to make a dramatic film on the beginnings of the whole OBEY GIANT phenomenon. Julian put it on Kickstarter and is looking to raise $30k in the next 28 days to complete the film. Reminds us of The Social Network.


This is so dope! If I had to scrounge up 30k for an infringement of other people snoozing on me and ripping me of not for serious things I need to improve my life like life saving surgeries- I would give it all to them!

It is the original tryanasorous spraypainted logo saying to ride - the twelve monkeys following - the Bansky rabbithole - representing quotes both spraypainted on sidewalks of art district and those fancier stone sculpture ones that are engraved. REPRESENT to all those dream trashtaking gangster taggers...eventhough you'd probably curb kick my white ass skull!

32k in 5 days. Well done.

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