Fiat 500 by Gucci

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Great vid by Director Chris Sweeney. Wouldn't be caught dead in the car.

Fiat 500 by Gucci on



Would you fit in the car? :P

I like the wierd conveyer belt concept. It is pretty stylee considering it looks like a monitors electric car - those are even weirder looking & an event to see On the street mixed in with traffic.

what is this saying, that this car is made of cheap plastic, the design cranked out on a conveyor belt, a bastardized hybrid of products designed for other uses. I thought the whole point of having a "designer" car was that the hand of the designer, their experience and kind of genius, is brought to the task at hand. This is just short of saying, "we put a fancy label on it and charged more for it." It seems the ad ought to try to belie that assumption, not reinforce it.

I see what your saying, by no means am I defending this brand. Sometimes I think people read to much into it literally as it is not always to make sense etc. etc. I myself am a bit brand finicky sometimes. I like what I like for various reasons how they fit me not necessarily someone else, which is across the board of price points and label, and quality is seen by a trained experienced eye which can cross the pricing spectrum aswell. Quality is obvious when it is used.

I see this more as a magic trick plastic wrapping belt?

When I think conveyer belt, I think of cars, computers, etc. being mass produced and having glitchy errors and malfunctions, but I see this a little different looking at the jeweled speedwheel, purse, and shoes.

It's deffinately geared toward a chick! They could have maybe gone with a better concept, but I like that it integrated their crossover in design in apparel.

'well made' vs. empty brand hoopla vs. brand loyalty

I'm not going to name my second Goldie retriever Gucci now!

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