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Feel Good Story: I'da took a 100K college fund setup as results of a event like this, better than kickstarter! Good kiddo!

This right here is the whole reality of being able to do what it is you want to do regardless of the income you bring from it. Providing for the efforts and means that go into years of training. It makes dreams reality. It is the game of today. Making money at something else and funding the creative. Getting funding is not an easy task. It is not as easy as this ingenious kid that got helped by one man who took a half an hour to connect him into social media and media itself. Funding for a movie or a project or cause that nobody likes or wants to give to? Well that's another scenario I'd like to say no problem, but you'd probably have to do it different. You can't always work a job and do the laborious talent of love. The same reminded me of computer image makers of today, and where the money comes from, because there is much much more than meets the eye!

I'd still like to have 100,000 college fund though, because I made plenty of shit as a kid and still today and still get nothing pretty much. It would have helped like posh.

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