A Very Pointed Reason to Support Global Warming

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There’s a good chance this spot was concepted by the dim-witted models themselves. ‘Cause the hotter it gets, the more clothes they take off. We’re getting ready to light our pleather couch on fire now. There we go, burn baby burn.


Concept looks a lot like The Puma Index. The iPhone App where the models amount of clothing is based on the rise and fall of the global markets.

What the world is going on with you TDE? This is the second chauvinistic post to hit your site this week. And no, a freakin’ bone thrown this way will not do this time. It seems to me that you lack the ability to properly analyze the materials you choose to post on your site, you also seem to think that males are the only ones working in this industry. Why don’t you clarify what you mean by dim-witted models? Are you insinuating that because they happen to be beautiful they lack intelligence? Or are you insinuating that they are not smart enough to come up with solid concepts because they are women?

And while I think that the concept is as shallow as your brain you seem to have missed the part where they say “doesn’t it feel good to use less” thus tying in the whole concept. Wow. I thought that TDE’s whole purpose as stated by your “manifesto” was to elevate the level of creative thinking, development of talent, and the fostering of big and radical ideas in this city. Help me understand how this posting (or that Victor del Toro/stripping video) have to do with any of this? Where are the radical and progressive ideas in these videos? And most importantly where are your abilities to analyze them so that I may understand why the hell they are posted on your site to begin with? Oh I get it-eye candy! Genius.

I am embarrassed that you are representing the Denver creative community at this moment.

Amanda, take a deep breath and calm. the. fuck. down.

While TDE’s review of this ad isn’t terribly in depth, it is right on. The idea behind the spot makes no sense at all. “Look! Global warming is making us take our clothes off!” is hardly a logical concept. And if the models were anything but dim-witted, they wouldn’t have agreed to do such a ridiculously-premised ad in the first place.

With a skin as thin as your comment suggests, I certainly hope you’re not a creative in advertising. You won’t survive long if you read into every ad critique this much.

“Chill Out”-While I just should have refrained myself from replying to your comment at all becuase you seem to have a limited vovabulary, I felt I needed to clarify. I have “survived” 8 years in this industry-is my skin thick enough now? And it looks like you only walked away with 1/2 the point I was trying to make. I responded to this posting the way I did because of three things that happened this week:
1. The posting of the vimeo video with no reason of a chick stripping-ok who cares it happens.

2. But then as a response to a comment posted by another female TDE posted:

Throwing a Bone to the Ladies

We keep getting complaints from our female readers (surprised there are any at this point, frankly) that we always post ads with hot chicks – and rarely post man candy.

Surprised there are any at this point? What does that mean?

3. Then comes in “A Very Pointed Reason to Support Global Warming.”

Beginning a critique with a demeaning remark about the woman who were paid (or donated their time to a good cause)to be in the ad-NOT COOL.

And now you are going to knock me for calling them out? These sort of remarks would not fly in the creative communities of SF and NYC and you know it. All I’m asking is for a little respect for my gender and more thoroughly thought out critiques. My points are valid-PERIOD.

Didn’t mean to offend you, Amanda. Models are typically not smart (no arguing that), and our point with the comment was that these not smart ladies probably wrote this spot that turns out to make little sense. The more the planet warms, the more clothes they take off. Why would people (men specifically, yes) be interested in making the planet cooler, therefore requiring ladies to wear more clothes?

We’re surprised there are still females reading our site because it seems we tend to overstep our “man” bounds often, of late. Clearly, we need some more women on staff over here to mellow out the testosterone.

Amanda – I agree 100% with you. From the quality of posts, I’m sure the site is run by a few immature male creatives who have no respect for women.

Has the Egotist ever interviewed a female in the ad industry? There are many influential women in Denver who are running successful agencies.

Hot chicks are pretty much awesome, you guys. But with all this god damned snow, we’ll never get global warming to work enough. Piss.

Re: Dim-witted models – I actually went to high school with the model in the video. I didn’t know her that well but she was generally regarded as pretty smart (in a school which, not to be too self-satisfied, only accepted really smart kids). She currently attends Columbia.

I’ll keep this short, since apparently I have a limited “vovabulary.”

Amanda, I’ve been in advertising in SF for 16 years. Trust me when I say no one is batting an eye at those remarks here because we have a sense of humor and we understand that it’s perfectly fair game to rip on people who are part of making crappy advertising like this – male or female.

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