Cashing In On The Inauguration

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With the unprecedented way in which Barack Obama was both covered and commanded the media over the last year, it’s interesting to see who’s continuing to ride that wave (for their own benefit) right through the day he’s sworn in.

Marvel Comics yesterday released a special issue of The Amazing Spider-Man with the President-elect on the cover. In issue #583, Spider-man stops the Chameleon from spoiling Obama’s inauguration. Marvel editor in chief Joe Quesada says, “It was a natural after we learned the new president is a Spider-Man fan. This is not so much a pro-Obama statement but a tip of the hat to having a Spider-Man fan in the White House.” It’s also a way to make some serious cash. The issue is available for $3.99 at local comic book stores and is expected to sell-out.

USA Today is planning a special 48-page magazine-style publication for the price of $4.95, according to Editor Ken Paulson. Have you noticed anyone else trying to ride the inaugural coattails out there?


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