Kraft's New Logo Makes Us Hate Things

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Good ol’ American dinner staple Kraft Foods has redesigned their logo, cramming everything we hate about politically-correct big businesses into one two-inch space. This includes: a smiley mouth, a rainbow, a burst (that doubles as a butterfly), ugly fonts and a ridiculous tagline. Congratulations, how much cash did you spend on that rebrand? For a slideshow of how cool the logo used to be, check out BrandWeek.


wow… that’s almost as bad as Pepsi’s new logo!

my favorite comment from Brand New:

‘It looks like a red carpet into a multi-colored anus.’

FYI, this is only their logo at the corporate level, on business cards and stationary and stuff. boxes of macaroni will still have the old logo.

Wow, that’s worse than the Fort Collins logo. Never thought I’d say that.

I just threw up Velveeta in my mouth.

As far as a strictly corporate mark I don’t hate it that much (emphasis on ‘that much’), but this can’t possibly be the logo that will adorn the actual packaging. Did they even consider what this will look like on a box of mac and cheese? End use, people, end use.

as i said above, they DID think about the end use.

“It will appear only in corporate communications and on the company’s website and will not grace the packages of the company’s products, such as Jell-O or Kraft mayonnaise; they will maintain the familiar red, white and blue logo.”

It reminds me of when a client tells us we’re too expensive for a logo because they found somebody on craigslist… but the difference.. Kraft prolly paid a whole more than us… and still got the craigslist guy.

So.. to help confuse branding, we have an internal and external logo… love it..

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