Emirates Airlines Cinema Experience

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From December 1-26 in select theaters, Emirates Airlines will take over movie theaters by lighting up small airplane-sized windows that line the theater walls to complement a spot that runs on-screen. The whole experience promotes Emirates’ ability to ‘turn its planes into movie theaters’ by offering passengers over 1,200 channels while flying. Agency: Leo Burnett, Brazil.

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….neat…. and yet, I wonder, does this nice little piece of creative really reaching the people who have enough money to fly to the Emirates?

Somehow I think the folks with enough money to really consider such an exotic destination (and thus use the product) are not at the cineplex watching “2012.”

Nor do I think they’re watching viral videos of the experience. They’re probably too busy reading the Wall Street Journal and the Economist.

What an awesome idea that they’ve tried to crowbar into a client’s marketing budget.

I’m with you, Howard.

You know, the more I think about this thing, the more questions I have about it.

Like, why aren’t they telling me about the Emirates and why I should go there? (That’s the only place they fly to.)

No wonder that country is in such trouble. Even after building a mall with a ski slope inside of it, they don’t tell me it’s something I just gotta see… and oh, by the way, Emirate Air is the best way to get there.

No, I should fly Emirate Air for the movie-going experience?

Um, something is very, very wrong here.

I think what your missing is the fact that they fly all over the world. Therefore, it’s trying to get you to use their airline, not fly to their country specifically.

I think it works nicely.

Well, Stephen, I sure did miss that “fact” – though when I looked at their flight routes online, all their flights, from anywhere in the world go to, you guessed it, Dubai.

Now I suppose if you’re in New York and you don’t mind going through Dubai to get to South Africa, you have a point.

But that’s not something most people want to do. Not even with a million television channels in the plane.

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