It Doesn't Fit in a Rolodex Because it Doesn't Belong in a Rolodex

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Your Business Card Is Crap.
(this is amazing)

Update: Joel Bauer, the man behind the card, has another video of him belaboring business cards here.


Uber douche. If that took him 25 years, the guy needs to think about hiring an agency. A card should be memorable, I agree with that, but Jesus Christ that was a fucking marketing brochure. And the pop-up made me laugh my ass off! I’ve seen some stellar business cards, some made of weird materials, others simple but beautiful. That was one of the most overdone pieces of crap I’ve ever seen.

This guy puts the boss in emboss!

Mike, you’re the boss. Nuff said.

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Mike’s comment wins the day.

Runescape – Glad to hear it. Welcome!

Pure genius. My only hope is that this is a satire of himself. If not … it’s still great.

Hands down the best business card I’ve seen has been by the guys over at Room214

It looks and feels like a hotel room key and it is highly memorable.

Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my God, it even has a watermark!

Strong message with this over-the-top guy that I think a lot of designers, marketers, advertisers overlook is results.

This guy, although a bit extreme focuses on getting results for himself and his clients. Too much work in our field is all foo foo and not enough balls.

How many people focus on cool instead of dollars. How many people focus on slick rather than their clients bottom line?

Something tells me his first question to his clients is “How can I make you more money?” vs. “How can I make you something neat?”

Good lesson.

It only took 25 years to develop it… I can’t wait to see what mine looks like in that time…. I think it will play a fanfare and actually shake the hand of the person I hand it too.

$4 per card. Hmm. Actually this video and the way he presents himself makes me think of a Charles Manson interview.

Turds don’t belong in a Rolodex either. Perhaps he’s on to something.

The man has the best executive style hair I’ve seen since the eighties.

That “business” card pushes the boundary between a business card and a brochure.

Lets think about what this card communicates:

Loud, abrasive, in-your-face, overdone, cheesy and tacky.

He is right it is great design, I don’t know if I could ever design a card so perfectly matched to its owner’s personality.

Reminds me of American Psycho.

Some of you have hinted at the scene from American Psycho, a true film classic, and the following scene embodies its greatness (and pertinence to to this topic in a scary manner).

People that know everything, can’t learn anything. He obviously “knows it all.”

A business card should fit in a rolodex or a wallet because conventions work

I wonder if he had the Germans make the card? You know the Germans make good stuff!
Holy Cow LOL !

I think that my business cards got a little jealous of his business card (okay not really). But I have to ask... who puts their resume on a business card??? Oh, right, THAT guy. Did anyone else notice that he had EVERY SINGLE design gimmick on his ONE card (die-cut, foil, embossing, pop up, and did that convert to an origami crane)? A little overkill if you ask me. Then again, listen to the guy speak.

I feel sorry for the guy (Joel Bauer). Certainly has no idea what life truly is about. It IS about being liked. It's NOT about being a f#$king @sshole. $4.00 for a business card with a jerk-in-box pop-up?

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