Jeff (Goodby) & Rich (Silverstein) Pound John (McCain)

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In a continuation of the entire creative world uniting against John McCain in support of Barack Obama, comes this new set of spots that were supposedly funded directly by Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein out of their own pockets, uploaded onto YouTube, then sent around for coverage. The pieces were developed by Goodby’s creative director, Jamie Barrett, along with MJZ director, Craig Gillespie. Well, here’s some promotion, fellas. Nice work, no matter what side of the fence you’re on. For even more insight, check out the interview Creativity did with Jamie Barrett.

(Thanks, Gordy)


its always maverick, maverick, maverick. no mention of goose? even if i died, nobody would care. it’s all about maverick these days.

Thanks to Bob Rickert for sharing these with me…

“Where would one go to buy a gag anyway?”


Nice to see Jeff and co. wasting the agencies money.

Wasn’t aware the ad industry was a bastard child of Hollywood.

C’mon, Tony Jones. If you’re gonna shill the Kool-Aid, get it straight. Blame the NYTimes.
If only Fox News could think for everyone, what a wonderful world it would be.

I’d like to see these run on TV in battleground states – especially the “Maverick” and “Palin” versions. Great execution – very powerful.

These are good.

You should probably spell Barack Obama correctly.

This might be the most depressing US election in recent history.

Outstanding! Great concept, amazing execution and the spots are incredibly powerful because you’ve really captured the “I’d laugh but it hurts too much” McCain campaign.

Hope you don’t mind but I posted your very funny but dead-on spoof spots on my blog this morning.


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