Advertising We Hate: Guitar Hero World Tour: Risky Business

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What the eff is going on here? First, the scene they’re ripping off is from a film that the new generation of video game players will not have seen. Second, they’re appealing to young boys with older men in underwear. Third, this game should be positioned as badass rock star, and that certainly ain’t the attitude coming off the spot. Fourth, why waste all the money on these big-name celebrity athletes for a game that’s not a sports game, then just make them look like a bunch of panty-wastes? Fail with a capital “F.”



You don’t think that they are trying to appeal to an older generation who is playing video games as well – probably the ones who are buying them for their kids?

Everything you say about why this ad completely fails makes perfect sense… But I can’t help but smile and laugh to myself every time A-Rod slides in and again when Kobe spins forward. In a weird way mission accomplished.

Beyond the big names, and big money, it doesn’t look like they put alot of thought into a direction. They would have been better off with Flav’a Flav.

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