Sign of the Apocalypse #14 - Tournament Logo-ing

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Holy crap, take a look at this. Our newest intern, Kevin, got his wall hit up from a friend of his named Larry while they were both updating their status on Facebook. Anyhoo, seems that stages a logo contest for your company for the low, low starting price of $350. Check out a few of the contests here and here.

Turns out the logos submitted aren’t all terrible, like you’d think. So the question arises – What the hell is Kevin doing on Facebook all day? And, of course, is this the work of the devil? Or is it a way for companies to get a polished logo, and for designers to work on their logo chops?


it’s possibly one step up from those logos for $99 sites… but that’s about it.

right so let’s say you have 47 entries (fairly low amount), and you win 3 contests at $350 a pop (nothing for 2nd place). for 47 logos you were just paid $1050 or $22 for each of the logo entries you worked on. Now calculate the amount time each of the logos took.

if you really wanted to work on your logo chops, why not contact a small non-profit to do pro-bono work for?

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