The Killers: Human (Live MTV European Music Awards 2008)

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Truly stunning set design. And the song ain’t too shabby either. Hoping these guys get back to their roots on their next album.

The Killers – Human (live MTV EMA 2008) from child prodigy on Vimeo.


These guys are done. U2 wannabeees. I can’t believe you guys like these like this crap.

Every generation has it’s own thing. U2 is great. This is just one of the new supergroups.. It’s not like there’s U2 and that’s it ever.. make room for talent. And this band has it. My wife saw one of their Denver shows before they were famous. And it wasn’t that long ago. It restores faith (in a non-religious way) that bands can still make it to the top.

The production on this song is stellar. It’s well polished. Produced and perfect for the song. Prolly the first in a line of sound-alikes after the success of the production value of Coldplay’s Apple song. But you know.. it wouldn’t work for them if the song wasn’t great and The Killers already hadn’t proven themselves many time over. They deserve the attention.

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