Watering Down Coors

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In this piece from The New York Times, Andy England, chief marketing officer at Coors Brewing, is quoted as saying, “When it comes to the new media, everyone, particularly in offline businesses like ours, is still in a very experimental phase. We, along with our agencies, are trying to learn what works best and expand on those ideas.”

At least he admits they’re still experimenting. Because this video called “Perfect Pour” created by Avenue A/Razorfish goes up in a ball of toxic flames, torching the entire science lab and all the experimenters within it. One more example of advertising that insults the intelligence of the viewer.

(Via Adpulp)


That video has just as much substance and taste as the beer Coors brews. And just like Coors’ shitty ass beers, it panders to the lowest common denominator of society.

I’m starting a sit in protest at the Falling Rock.

I love in the beginning he sets the stage by saying, “Here we are at a party!” A nod to all the blind internet surfers of youtube.

What truly shocks me, even more than how forced a that stagnant viral video is, is the article on the front of AdAge. The article is about how successful their sales are in each category. Coors Lt. Coors and especially Keystone are killing.

These always follow such a ridiculous pattern. A bunch of guys doing something “crazy”, high fivin’, “Hey, are you getting this?”, something stupid happens, “Ohhhhh! crazy!!!”

Can I give a shout out to Integer? From snowboard design (Coors Banquet) to mobile marketing (Coors Light) to viral video (Zima), they have created some great stuff for Coors brands. Just not getting the press the NYC agencies get.

Integer’s work for Coors brands garnered five spots in the 2007 Denver 50.

Integer can get press by sending their work right here to us. All the huge ad blogs link to the work they like on our site. Just takes a little extra effort from the crew up there to package it up and hit send.

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