This Is Just Dumb

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We love a nice guerrilla effort as much as the next guy over here, but what’s the actual message here? Eisenbah Beer makes you piss hard? It makes us feel like taking a dump. Right on top of the layout.


You guys been freelancing?

Meh. Its no better or worse than that hideous revamp of the ‘Starz’ logo you guys were getting hard about a few weeks back. Your taste is either slipping or you have an agenda. I haven’t quite figured it out yet.

We have an agenda to stop crappy advertising and promote what’s good. But it’s all very subjective as to what falls where, isn’t it?

I couldn’t have said it better myself Bubba. The stuff these guys find to post here is crap.The local stuff is ok but man the stuff you find on your own is just so old skool and boring.Common guys, WAKE UP!

Anyone who spends 5 minutes on blogs knows most of it is just a rehash or a rehash of something someone else posted that someone else posted.

Some day blogs might find a more useful grove. Until then, then best the Egotist can do is try to fuel discussion.

So if you hate something. Say so. Don’t be afraid.

Couldn’t disagree more with Bubba or Palmer. Pretty weak you two.

Bubba and Polanski. Drop one link each under this post to something you find cool that we missed. We’d like to see the bar you want us hitting on the site, just out of curiosity.

The message here is that a medium sized shop is trying to win awards off a small brewery and they still think it’s the very late nineties.

Pretty frickin sweet, Polanski. Why don’t you come join the fun over here? Send us an email if you’re interested.

Yeah. I guess it would be pretty hard to post 4 or 5 good ones a day.

Changethethought had a Kashiwa Sato link back in April.

That’s where I got it. Big Deal. I go there everyday. I enjoy it. So does my uncle.

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