Quizno's: Yes or No?

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We have one simple question we’d like to ask you about the new campaign developed by Cliff-Freeman & Partners for Colorado-based Quizno’s. Is it appetizing? See the rest of the campaign here.


I’ve seen two of these. Attention-grabbing but distasteful. That fiver came out of the wallet of a ditch digger with sarcoptic mange…

I am disappointed in Cliff-Freeman. Basic thought. low-brow solution. The used to be the standard of cutting edge, now it seems like they are phoning it in.

And if this is all it takes now a days to be attention grabbing (and I beg to differ with W on that issue), we are failing our industry.

I vote NO.

Better than the campaign a few years back.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuPTZWhz46M

I’ll take the minority stance. For a TV commercial, I think it’s alright. It meets the criteria for stickiness. Simple, unexpected, the imagery makes it concrete and credible, if you’re hungry it can be emotional, and it tells a subset of a story.

I think rather than Me too strategy, why not go with a $6 footlong and maintain a superiority place?

But to say we have $5 subs too, and ours are better tasting, I think this says it memorably.

That’s Cliff Freeman? Damn, I’m surprised. I normally dig what they do – this just sucks.

It’s back to a personality for Quiznos – kind of nice to see them come full circle back to Cliff Freeman. They’ve been all over the board since the Spongemonkeys. For $5 I’d rather eat at a place that has some character and humor rather than soulless Subway.

I laughed. The casting is spot on.

It’s good to see it come back to Cliff. But I’m a little surprised she didn’t put some pepper on that five spot.

Sort of funny but mostly just boring and forgettable.

Just saw it it in HD . Looks awesome !!!!!!
Funny too.LOL.

Very boring.. I got more laughs from the O’Reilly vid..

For the record, the other day I was watching a recorded program with my 11 year old son. This commercial kicked off the beginning of a break and I started fast forwarding.

My son said, “Wait! I LOVE this commercial.”

No prodding from me. For even though I think it’s okay, I would still skip it without fail, if I could.

That’s not a knock on the commercial – Just a knock on the method of delivery.

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