The Long Awaited Qwest Work From Draftfcb

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Remember when you were a kid and your parents forgot to lock their door and you accidentally walked in on them “doing it?” Well, we’d rather be sentenced to endlessly reliving that moment for the next three years than have to look at the new Qwest work from Draftfcb in Chicago more than once.

To be kind, we’re only posting the :30 second version of the launch spot. For those with a strong stomach and a sadomasochistic streak, you can see the entire launch campaign here.

Additionally, on Friday at noon, The Egotist is thinking of having a wake at The Esquire, where anyone with past or present ties to McClain Finlon can drown their sorrows, because we’re wondering why, Qwest, such a prominent company with corporate headquarters in Denver, would betray our local brains for this crap ass thinking. If you get there before we do, start a tab under the name Joe Naccio.

(Thanks to Andy Bosselman and his relentless blog work for bringing this to our attention.)


I’m not sure what is funnier, the post ‘reivew’ or the production quality of the spot? Seriously…is that a rough cut?

After seeing this, it’s pretty damn apparent the client is the problem – not the agencies creating the work. Sad.

Even if it is the Qwest logo…what a way to degrade to brand by putting a million faces in it. I hope the McClain folks who were laid off are finding bigger and better things.

god the animation is awful….

I agree, the animation looks more like a motion test than a final product. The cut is very loose. Really disappointing.

Jeese, that’s it? I sure hope that Qwest is heppy with what they’re getting out of Chicago vs. what they could’ve gotten out of McClain. I know that sometimes change can be good, but…...

It’s all BS. What a full campaign of turds. The only loop i want to be a part of after seeing that spot is a noose.

The only people that MIGHT (generous nod) like this spot breath heavily and clap their hands repeatedly when they see a balloon and are most-likely out smarted by a parrot.

That is truly horrid.

A loop is empty inside. How fitting.

After seeing what we’re going to have to be watching from Qwest for the next few years, I’ve canceled my Direct TV, switched back to rabbit ears, and now i’m simply waiting for Feb. 17th, 2009.

At least the interns at DraftFCB are keeping busy.

This is what happens when the client insists on pleasing everyone. By everyone I mean focus groups, committees and whoever else they think matters. Probably everyone but the agency in this case.

I always say when a client reduces their creatives to pushing buttons it’s kind of like taking your car to an autobody shop and then insisting on them fixing something specific when you know absolutely nothing about cars. They’ll do it if you pay them, but your car will still run like like crap.

Guys, be nice. My great grandma did this spot.

You know what I really like about the spot? How they in no way, shape, or form tried to impress anyone by doing anything original or unique to stand out and get their message across. It takes a brave brand to be so underwhelmingly mediocre. I also like how they kept that flare of “reality” by making the decision to cast unattractive people, so that we’d be able to identify.

anyone know what cd is responsible for this?

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