Nothing Like Ripping Yourself Off

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You know that Levi’s viral we posted a couple days ago (posted again below for reference)? Fun, cute, got YouTube hits. Yeah, yeah. A few other blogs were saying the concept was similar to the Ray Ban viral that floated around a year ago (also below for reference). Yeah, yeah. Concepts overlap.

Well, Lunar BBDO is the first site we’ve read to unearth the truth behind the spots that no one seems to have noticed. They were both created by THE SAME AGENCY, SF’s Cutwater, for separate clients targeting the same demographic. If that ain’t some weak shit, tell us what is.


well, well, well….I made the point a few weeks ago that TDA is guilty of this also. The blog about them (TDE – April 8th – One Sad Showing In The One Show)getting into the ONE SHOW.....and ripping off one of their own client’s ads…

from 4/8/08…
“(Isn’t tda rippin’ this idea off their own work previous done for Thule? This idea of ‘getting your priorities straight’ is basically the same idea they had for the Thule rack campaign…oh! AND wasn’t there a similar campaign they also did for cloudviel? i.e. Spend your money on crackers and ketchup so you can spend the money on cloudveil apparel?)”

Then people had the audacity to actually commend them for getting in after I busted them!

“Weak shit” there too.

If you don’t believe me go to TDA’s website..

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