Fake, But Funny

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Some phony Prius ads are making the rounds with the idea that driving the eco-friendly car makes up for other transgressions. We’re thinking of buying one to make nice for that nasty run-in with a drifter the other night.

(Via Adfreak)


assuming that ladies of the night are a bad thing… but let’s not forget.. at TDA Advertising and Design, we don’t charge client for our hookers.

The dead body one is fantastic. This is how advertising should be. I’ll bet someone in Singapore knocks this off and wins a ton of awards. Like the famous kids in the bubblewrap campaign for Toyota. Toyota national (overseas) never ran that—it was for a local Toyota dealer—sure looked national though. And it won big.

Hi there, thanks for the kind words!
In a shameless act of self promotion I’d like to list the credits for these. And you’re right, they’ll never run here in america. But it was still fun to do!

Art Director: David Krulik
Photographer: Luke Stettner

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