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The Big Picture is a great new visual news service from Each story in the bare bones interface comes with multiple huge photos in accompaniment.

The site’s creator, Alan Taylor, has some great thoughts on the project in his blog:

When I see quality photography consigned to the archives, or when I see bandwidth readily given up to video streams of dubious quality, or when I see photo galleries that act as ad farms, punishing viewers into a click-click-click experience just to drive page views – those times are the times I’m glad I was able to get this project off the ground

The sizes of the photographs are deliberately large – taking advantage of the majority of web users who have screens capable of displaying 1024×768 or larger. The long-held tradition of keeping images online tiny and lightweight is commendable still – when designing a general purpose site. But one dedicated to quality imagery should take full advantage of the medium, and I hope I’ve struck a good balance with The Big Picture.

Nice to see a project take advantage of our current capabilities, instead of appealing to the lowest common denominator as we are so often forced to do by clients.


oooooooh 1024×768. whoop-dee-doo and welcome to 1999.

this doesn’t really impress on 3840×1200 workspace.

Way to miss the point, sport.

you mention “our current capabilities” in the last part of the post, and say we aren’t limited by “the lowest common denominator,” while our current capabilities allow common resolutions upwards of 1600×1200 and download speeds of 100’s of KB per second. way to miss my point, squirt.

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