Clear Blue Pregnancy Test

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This won’t win any awards. But it’s pretty awesome for the category, nonetheless.

(Thanks for the link, Brad)


You know… I give them props for trying to be different in this category but as a woman, I actually hate this ad. Pregnancy is one thing that ISN’T funny to women. They take it seriously, whether they are trying to get pregnant or (eeeek) hope to God they aren’t. Maybe it’s just me, but while I appreciate their stab at humor, I don’t find this all that funny. Feels like a group of teenage boys made it or an SNL skit.

I was with them up until the point where there was actual pee. I think everyone would be able to visualize what pee looks like, they could’ve maybe stopped there.

i think it should win awards.

that’s from the same agency (Amalgamated) that created the glorious Fat Tire TV ads. Glad Cultivator brought the New Belgium account back home, though.

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