Lotus: Faceless People at Wimbledon and Elsewhere

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These two faceless humanoids were sitting in the audience at Wimbledon over the weekend as part of a viral marketing stunt. The stunt was for car maker Lotus and it’s meant to make a statement about the anonymity of humankind in the information age. (Uh?) The stunt is paired with a website, FacelessPeople.com, featuring a clock ticking down to the release of Lotus’ new ride. We think Britney Spears and Mel Gibson are actually under those masks. But that’s yet to be confirmed by any reliable news source. Except ours.

(Via The Underwire)

And here they are at the opening of Harrod’s, upstaging Kim Cattrall from Sex and the City.


Kee-rist! I could have used those seats.

Lotus builds really nice cars. What an utterly pointless stunt. Show me the sheetmetal—um, carbon fiber, Lotus!

I just feel bad for those two people who got to go all the way to Wimbledon and didn’t even get to see it.

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