Truth Campaign Evolving

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How do these spots hit you, as this long-running campaign barrels onward?


I’m reminded of my college roommate, who didn’t smoke but had the sudden craving for a cigarette every time he saw a Truth commercial…and the time the Truth van was on campus and he walked up, grabbed one of their informative flyers, rolled it up and lit it.

I guess what I’m saying is even though I don’t smoke, I’ve always despised this campaign. And these don’t change my mind.

i’m not a fan of the cartoons. I prefer the early truth spots.

I think the early truth spots were much better. These kind of weird me out a little. It’s almost like they are making fun of their own serious message…

I know they are trying to lighten up the message and stand out in a market amongst dozen of other anti-smoking anti-drugs messages. That being said, this does make fun of the overall message and takes away from all the equity they have put behind the Truth campaign to date. I am going on a smoke break right now.

i don’t know… they got a unicorn in an ad. three creative points for that.

the delivery and the message have an interesting tension. the payoff needs to be better.

i agree, the early infect truth stuff was super dope. didn’t mind the ironic boardroom stuff. kinda liked the singing cowboy and melting moms street level direct action stuff. it just seems the irony in this round doesn’t make as much sense. and the street activism is more obviously staged than mom and cowboy… considering the crowd can’t see that cute unicorn.

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