Not for a Billion Dollars

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How much would they have to pay you to do this for real? Follow the campaign here where the concept gets played out very quickly and completely falls to pieces.

(Via YesButNoButYes)


Agreed. The viral does the job to drive traffic, but it is just annoying on the website. No need for it.

Oh, and why the hell is she licking her own laptop?

i saw this a few days ago and i was totally… intrigued. don’t understand the direct camera address. is she teasing? if so, half heartedly.

then i thought, is cleanliness the most believable prop from a budgetish chain?

when i went to the site it was, believe it or not, even worse. no connection to the vid. just the corporate site.

although i’ve gotta say: i’d love to be backed up in a preso with the crew that sold this in. cuz baby, they sure can sell.

hahah! Maybe I’m retarded but at first I thought this was some sort of video of a bizarre prank you would pull on someone… once I realized what it really was (right around when she walked into the bathroom) it stopped being quite so hilarious and just got a bit creepy.

Fail. I travel all the time, this does nothing to make me want to stay here. I mean, unless this is how they actually clean. It’s enough to make me take off the “Do not disturb” sign.

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