The Banned Nike Hyperdunk Ads

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We could maybe kind of sort of see the reasoning behind pulling the Mr. T Snickers spot. But this campaign was pulled responding to criticism that it feeds homophobic views? Jesus, this is just guys playing hard basketball (no pun intended). Just how sensitive is everyone becoming?

(Via The Sherman Foundation)


I would say that there is a subtle sexual factor in these ads, but even as someone who doesn’t really like girls, I hardly see what is so offensive. But then again, I’m someone who really doesn’t give a shit about much.

It’s funny because ads should be provocative, but some groups are so vocal that a company has no choice but to take them down. I would have recommended to keep the campaign going–the more publicity, the better. Really, would a Hyperdunk get to the point that it is a prejudiced shoe? Hardly. In the end,it’s a fucking shoe. However, I will say that this specific community that probably was offended is well, a little touchy. They need their little annual festivals and the feeling of being appreciated despite how much they segregate themselves.

I wonder what would happen if they started banning ads that were heterophobic? We would have nothing left to look at in most money making magazines….

I really hate this whole PC movement. If your not allowed to test any boundaries, where can creative outside the box thinking come from? Otherwise your stuck in the same box as your competitors and no one differentiates themselves.

I like this work.

reminds me of some ads my buddy did in school. that were in his student book. that he dropped off at wieden.

also maybe ads that should have been left in a student book?

link, in case you’re interested.

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